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Property Spotlight


This week, I would like to “spotlight” talk about 910 South Greenwood Avenue.  910 hits a little close to home because Khoi and I purchased this old house in 2005.  This house was no stranger to Khoi and his mother, they passed it every morning on Khoi’s way to school, not realizing that 30 years later we would buy this cornerstone at “South I” and “Greenwood”.  We purchased the property from its second owner, it was screaming for a makeover and some TLC.

The property was neglected and needed major repair from inside to outside, the third story at the time was occupied by pigeons and bats.  The home had water intrusion damage in the patios and porches.  The previous owners did almost NOTHING in maintaining the integrity of this home.  There had been little to no updating since the transfer from the Drumms’, the property’s original owners.  The home was hidden from the street view because of the overgrowth. The entire property was overgrown and Mother Nature had pretty much taken over.  The Drumm’s would of never expected this would be the fate of their former family home.

Phots From 2005

The Original Owners

Roy and Eva(Ward) Drumm began construction on this home in the spring of 1924.  Mr. Drumm was an electrical engineer and Mrs. Drumm was the only daughter of the founder of Ward Dairy and Ice, she was the first woman in Fort Smith to legally drive an automobile.  910 is an American colonial, with an Italian flare.  The white stucco, granite window seals, arched doorway, hand-painted wallpaper, triple crown molding, solid white oak floor throughout, but the most impressive feature of the home were the 2 Italian crystal chandelier, brought home from the Drumm’s Italy vacation.  The construction cost for 910 was $96 thousand and construction was 2.5 years, complete in summer 1926.

910 South Greenwood is what I would call, “understate grand”.  Every detail of this home was constructed with the finest craftsmanship and detail.  Every room including the staircase, lead glass, mantle, marble, woodwork, floors, arched doorways, size of every room, this home was built for comfort and entertaining.

What We Loved the Most

I loved most of the original heirloom plants that survived after the Drumm sold this property.  The beautiful cherry trees, old fashion yellow rose, purple iris, holly, pine, and gigantic oak trees.  At the time when Khoi and I had purchased this property, the cherry trees had turned into two-story bushes, the yellow roses had become vines, the wisterias have turned into trees, the hollies were no longer manicured, and the crepe myrtles had become their own ecosystem.  

The original exterior was constructed in stucco and quartz, allowing this home to sparkle.  All of the window sills are cut blocks of granite and the home footing and foundation are constructed with iron beams.  All the walls are plaster, triple stacked crown molding, and hand-painted wallpaper were just a few of the fine details.  The property had an original 1924 Kenmore dishwasher, incinerator, irrigation system, maids and butler quarters, and garage for automobiles.

For Sale!

This location is prime for commercial and retail development, located 1 block south of Rogers Avenue and Greenwood Avenue.  Currently zoned commercial 2(C2), 10 parking spaces, 3 commercial lot, corner location, and high traffic count.  This location is perfect for almost everything, office, retail, service type businesses, or redeployment for something new.

Khoi and I loved this home when we purchased it in 2005, we sold it in 2009 to its current owner.  I will post pictures in this blog from the time Khoi and I had owned it.  Thank you for reading and thank you for following. -Michael


Click the link here for all of the information regarding it’s For Sale Status


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