Black Thursday and a Half

Now with online shopping, big-box retailers are getting a jump on their sales by opening early; like Thursday afternoon at 5:30 PM early. What is wrong with this picture? Black Friday shopping isn’t supposed to start on Thursday after dinner! So let’s call it black Thursday and a half.

I hear the voice in my head already beginning the ” when I was a kid” phase of life, kind of like what I use to hear when I was a kid from the elders. However, it wasn’t long ago when people would have their Thanksgiving dinner then go camp out in the parking lot of Best Buy, waiting for the doors to open at 4:00 A.M. the next morning It was tradition for most people to wake from their food coma and go shopping to get the biggest deals of the year.

Hoards of people would pack every mall and one could spend half the day looking for a decent parking spot. Places like Central Mall, Walmart, Best Buy and Kohles were the places to shop, and people were not always full of cheer as they would all grab for that last sale item.

It was never my favorite thing to Black Friday shop. As I got older and had a choice, I would just forego the shopping altogether. I don’t do well in crowds anyway. Which is why I was relieved with the advent of technology, shipping, and Amazon. I can shop online, get better products, better prices, convenient delivery, and no crowds.

I can’t help but feel a little guilty though. The brick and mortar stores are clearly suffering as they make an attempt to change with the times, and this Black Thursday and a Half situation is indicative of that.

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