Housing Tech: Kind of like the Jetsons

“Alexa, turn on the living room lights” is a common phrase at our house. The lights will then illuminate the room which we have verbally commanded, alleviating the task of flicking the switch.  It’s kind of a strange convenience to have. We’ve put all kinds of...

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Black Thursday and a Half

Now with online shopping, big-box retailers are getting a jump on their sales by opening early; like Thursday afternoon at 5:30 PM early. What is wrong with this picture? Black Friday shopping isn't supposed to start on Thursday after dinner! So let's call it black...

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Property SPOTLIGHT – 910 S. Greenwood Avenue, 72901

[caption id="attachment_1256" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] office for sale[/caption] Property Spotlight 910 SOUTH GREENWOOD AVENUE, 72901 This week, I would like to “spotlight” talk about 910 South Greenwood Avenue.  910 hits a little close to home because Khoi and I purchased this old house in 2005.  This house was no...

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Have a Friendsgiving!

What is Friendsgiving? Have a Friendsgiving!  Invite your favorite people over for a time of fellowship and express how thankful you are for them.  Friends are the family we choose, which is why we celebrate holidays like Friendsgiving.  If you aren’t familiar with this modern holiday, the...

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About us - Fort Smith Real Estate Residential Experts

About Us

    About us - Fort Smith Real Estate Residential Experts by Khoi Nguyen Hi, we’re so happy you found us!  Our names are Michael Prall and Khoi Nguyen and we are the owners of Fort Smith Real Estate Company, Fort Smith Real Estate Residential Experts We enjoy working with a broad...

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