Have a Friendsgiving!

What is Friendsgiving?

Have a Friendsgiving!  Invite your favorite people over for a time of fellowship and express how thankful you are for them.  Friends are the family we choose, which is why we celebrate holidays like Friendsgiving.  If you aren’t familiar with this modern holiday, the name should give it away.  There isn’t much difference when it comes to the concept.

The two are similar in that you are serving a big meal in November.  Friendsgiving typically is held on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and is a more casual dinner party for all your friends.

What to serve for Friendsgiving?

Most of our friends will end up heading home for Thanksgiving with family.
Try to avoid serving them the same dinner they will be eating at home on Thanksgiving.  It’s best to mix it up and not serve your traditional Thanksgiving menu.  For the main dish, consider serving ham.  Hams are big enough to feed many guests and most of your friends will probably get tired of having turkey twice.

Pot luck with Friends!

Let’s talk about cost.  Big dinners for a large guest list can be pricey.  An alternative is a potluck style dinner.  Allocate side dishes for your guests.  Request each guest to bring a side, dessert, or bottle of wine.  You prepare the main dish and create the tablescape and use fresh flowers.  Nothing says, “happy friends-giving” quite like rich hues and seasonal blooms.  

Wine is the second most important part of dinner; to some, it’s the most important part.  Wine options are important, you want options that pair well with dinner and not too overpowering.  One of my personal favorites, is Josh’s, Legacy Red Blend or a Kim Crawford, Chardonnay.

For side dishes stay away from the traditional sides but still incorporate some holiday favorites.  Three cheese macaroni, cranberry sauce, fresh salad, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, roasted carrots, and walnuts are perfect sides served with ham.  Incorporate some holiday flavors, but not too heavy where guests require naps afterward.  For dessert try fresh fruits, cranberry tart, or pumpkin cake instead of a traditional pie.


When setting the dinner table, I love bold fall colors, assorted size pumpkins, dyed wheat, baby oranges, along with fresh flowers for the tablescape.  Lastly, don’t forget to place cards out for guest sitting, mix up couples, friends, and guests for more a more diverse and fun sitting arrangement.  Have a safe and happy Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or have both!

Khoi and Michael❤️

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