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I’ve recently discovered real estate topics at reddit.com and of course since im such a real estate NERD I had to join all of the real estate pages.  If you’re not familiar with reddit, its a website a bunch of folks thread about different topics.  Some are funny, some are stupid, and some are quite enlightening.  Here are what people are saying about some folks in our industry. BTW this is only a start to this blog topic.  Theres PLENTY more to add.


I’m not advocating that an agent shouldn’t use a pro photographer, but sometimes photographers can get carried away with their photo editing.  Realtors are suppose to market the homes in a way that isn’t misleading.  I’ve shown many homes where it ended up a waste of time and a complete disappointment for my buyer clients and I.
I will use professional photography if its beneficial to my client.  For most homes professional photography is the launch pad and base for all of the marketing we will do with your home.  The course of marketing includes many channels, and great photos will always be used.  If you’ve listed your home, and your agents called in the photographer/videographer, please make sure your house is TIDY. An untidy home is very difficult to photograph.

Open houses

One of the best ways for an agent to get new buyer leads is with an open house.  An open house is for people to look and helps with its exposure, but unless the home is something exceptional, new, or very expensive, there won’t be much attendance.  The busiest open houses are always in new homes for people to see what the newest colors, appliances, and the new technology that’s built into homes these days.
There is also liability with open houses.  Say there were 30 people, or groups of people that come tour the home.  It would be very difficult for the agent to keep an eye on everyone at the same time, and it puts the home owner at risk for theft.  People have been known to leave doors doors and windows unlocked allowing them to come back later on to get something they may of seen earlier.

Unrealistic Expectations

Interviewing agents before selling a home is common. Most have a friend, and most people know a dozen Realtors.  Sellers are often jaded by over valuing their home, often for much more than the market will offer.  A knowledgeable agent will be able to provide you with statistics and be able to nail the right price for the home.  If that’s the case, and you’ve got a good property, it should sell very quick.
Overpricing a home is absolutely detrimental to the successful sale of any home.  There comes a surge of interest when a new home is listed.  Many people see it, especially if it is in a desirable area.  If the time frame is missed by over pricing the home, the home owner will risk stagnation on the market.  Those kind of phone calls are never fun to make.  A savvy agent who understands the market will be able to get the most money and a fairly quick sale.

Dual Agency

I had to write a blog about this on its own.  Its pretty involved.

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