View Spotting

View Spotting

View Spotting is one of my favorite things to do, so I wanted to write about it.  The landscape of gently rolling mountains and valleys span across our entire region for excellent view spotting.  Its fun to get out with the task of finding the best views, which also happens to be awesome places to buy real estate.

Boston Mountains

On the old highway 71, as you travel north of Alma is where the foothills of the ozark mountains begin.  What was once a bustling thoroughfare to hog county now sits a quiet scenic highway.  Its a rural area consisting of rolling acres, dirt roads and recreational patches of woods.  And the view spotting is fantastic with lots of views.  The mountains rise above valleys all over the place, offering peaceful and tranquil views for those who gaze upon it.  An example, which happens to be on the market can be found by clicking here.  

Van Buren

Van Buren is the seat of Crawford county.  Its the largest city in Crawford county,  ( really the only city in Crawford county).  If you venture north, you’ll be able to enjoy much of the same kind of view spotting as you would in the mountains, but there’s a special view in Van Buren.  The Locals call it Mount Vista.  What makes Mount Vista so special is the 700 foot bluff that juts up against the Arkansas river.  The view is remarkable, because you can see the entire river valley from its edge.  Lee creek joins the river at this point also.  There’s actually another nice piece of property available up there on Steward.

Park Ridge is a newer development situated just west of Van Buren.  The homes there are newer than Mount Vista, and only a short row of homes has a great view of Lee Creek and the fields beyond.  Here is a really fabulous home situated right on the creek, take a look, it’s quite nice.

View Spotting by FSRECO- Fort Smith Real Estate

Fort Smith

A lot could be said for this small city.  Its seems so large, but yet so small in comparison with other cities and its tight knitted feel.  The community is pretty close and if you live here you’ll always run into someone you might know, or get to know.  The larger homes always sit on the hills in Fort Smith, because the ritzy like a nice view.  As a matter of fact, you’ll see a couple of large ones as soon as you enter the east side.  Moody hill offers a wonderful view spotting of the east side and on to the river, and Mile Tree drive sits across the valley from it on top of Wildcat mountain.  Wildcat offers views from both sides of the mountain.  Southward towards the airport, and then northward towards Van Buren and the foot hills.  I prefer the latter because the view towards the mountains is superb.  Theres a nice Brick colonial for sale that offers the views.

To the south, there are two subdivisions that offer great views of Fort Smith to the north, and rolling hill views to the south.  This part of the region is interesting because the hills and valleys are so constant, its like  ripples in the earth.  Fianna hills was also a golf course at one time,  and was really popular for many years.  Fianna Hills was developed starting in the late 70’s all the way to the mid 90’s, and the homes built up there are very good quality, here is one listed on.  Wheaton Trace. 

Spring Mountain will be the last place for our view tour of the Fort Smith area, just even a little bit more south of town.  Once you pass through its giant iron gates at the entrance, and you drive up the hill it almost seems as though you’ve passed into a whole different world.  The wind blows differently, the sun shines better, and it just sparkles.    These are all estate sized lots, starting at 3 acres, and each one has a view.   Take a look at this Spring Mountain Estate.

The views just go on forever and ever in parts around here.  Even venturing into Oklahoma north of Roland,  There are views at Cavanal in Poteau, it’s the worlds tallest hill by the way.  The region is full of opportunities to enjoy the tranquility of sitting high above the world in your comfy abode.  If you’re looking for one of these views, let us know and we can book an appointment at your convenience.


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