Dual Agency

Dual Agency  It is where an agent represents both parties to a contract, and yes it doubles the commission for them. Do you already see the issue with this?  Self interest can often get in the way of objectivity, causing the agent to sway towards one party...

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Elevated topics in real estate

I’ve recently discovered real estate topics at reddit.com and of course since im such a real estate NERD I had to join all of the real estate pages.  If you’re not familiar with reddit, its a website a bunch of folks thread about different topics....

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6 steps to repairing your credit

Maintaining Credit is Very Important Statistics from the credit bureaus suggest that 30% of Americans have a score of less than 600.  Lenders usually require at least a 620 credit score, but some lenders will loan on a 580 score with high interest. Did you know the...

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View Spotting

View Spotting is one of my favorite things to do, so I wanted to write about it.  The landscape of gently rolling mountains and valleys span across our entire region for excellent view spotting.  Its fun to get out with the task of finding the best views,...

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Law Suit- National Association of Realtors

Law Suit- National Association of Realtors had a class action law suit brought to them in June.   Attorneys presented the suit on behalf of the 5 largest US housing markets.  The suit is in reference to their buyers compensation agreement.   I found this...

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Its a Good Time to Sell a Home!

We don’t need a crystal ball to tell us when to take the first step in determining if this is a good time to sell a home and buy another. While market conditions should play a role in your decision, the first step starts with you,...

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